Privacy Policy

What Do We Store

When you connect your account to us we need to store some information so we can communicate with your storage provider.

They do not give us your password - just a token which we can use to access your storage when you send emails in.

We keep your name on file to improve your experience on this site.

We store any preferences you set for your account.

We keep a count of attachments you send in for statistical purposes.

What Don't We Store

We never store the contents of your emails. Those simply pass through our servers directly to your storage provider without ever touching our own hard drives [*].

We don't store any information about who sent the attachments in.

Canada Based

We are based in Canada, and our data centre is located in the Greater Toronto Area. Your storage provider however is likely located in the USA.

[*] The one exception to this currently is Skydrive. Their upload API does not provide the options to allow us to stream directly to their servers. We will change this when they fix their API. To support Skydrive we need to write a temporary file to disk which is deleted immediately.